St. Mary Magdalene
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■ Policies

The following policies were updated/adopted at the PPC meeting on 13th January 2021.

Data Privacy, Retention and Social Media

mail1. GDPR Notice - Associate Vicar

mail2. GDPR Notice - PCC

3. Data Retention

mail4. Data Breach

mail5. CCTV

mail6. Website Privacy

mail7. Social Media Community Guidelines


mail8. Safeguarding Policy Statement

9. Behaviour Code

10. eSafety

11. Expressing Concerns & Whistleblowing

12. Reporting Concerns

13. Responding to Allegations

14. Expectation of Conduct


15. Health & Safety

16. Complaints

17. Conflict of Interest

mail18. Churchyard -     a. Care       b. Interment

mail19. Significant Event Preparation

mail20. Legacies

mail21. Tax Evasion Risk Assessment

mail22. Charitable Giving