St. Mary Magdalene Bolney

■ The Warden's Dog

Christmas is a coming,
And this dog's not getting fat.
Yet mummy's put me on a diet,
I don't think much of that!


With Rachel busy day and night,
A feeding up her baby.
I really hoped my mummy might,
Just do the same  . . .  just maybe?

That Vet, he was an evil man,
Colluding with my mummy.
Together they did hatch a plan,
For the emptiest rumbly tummy!


But now I'm signed off on the sick,
How could they be so cruel?
To play such games, a sneaky trick,
And only feed me gruel!

And here I lie, a poorly man,
With empty bowl and plate.
Will someone please do what they can,
For their hungry, bestest mate!


Cos I'm sure I heard the doctor say,
"He must, his lips be licking.
So I prescribe 3 times a day,
A bowl of tasty chicken"!

Yet mummy knows what makes me tick,
But has a heart of stone.
And though I'm still so very sick,
No signs of juicy bone!


Oh Rachel, come and rescue me,
Before it gets too late.
I'll tell my mum I need a wee,
And meet you by the gate!

Will anyone ever hear my cry?
It's all that I can muster.
I'll never stop, I'll alway try,
With loads of licks, from Buster!