St. Mary Magdalene Bolney


There are 9 photo albums.

■ Guide Photos (1961)
A guide to the Parish Church was published in 1961.

These facimilie photographs were taken from an original copy kindly lent by
Gavin Dunbar, grandson of Rev. Michell, vicar from 1912 until 1939.

The entire guide can be viewed by clicking ■ Information ■ History

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■ Stations of the Cross
Artwork created by the children of Bolney School for the
Stations of the Cross Easter Spectacular - March 2018

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■ Licensing Tony Bond
Licensing of Dr. Tony Bond as Reader by Bishop Mark of Horsham.

14th January 2018

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■ Ride & Stride 2017
Ride & Stride Pictures

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■ Confirmation 2017
Confirmation service held at St. Mary Magdalene on Sunday October 8th 2017.

Celebrant: Bishop Mark of Horsham

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■ Autumn Fair 2017
Autumn Fair held at the Rawson Hall on October 7th 2017

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■ St. Mary Magdalene
Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Bolney - Inside and Out!

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■ Crib Festival
Crib Festival 2009

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■ In the Snow
When the north winds didst blow, Bolney had snow!

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