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Church Quiz

Tower When was the tower built?
  How high is the tower?
  How many bells are there in the tower?
  How many pinnacles does the tower have?
Church Who is the church dedicated to?
  Who by and when was the organ donated to the church?
  How many pipes are there on the front of the organ?
  How many steps lead up to the pulpit?
  How many sides does the font have?
  How many stations of the cross are there on the walls?
  Which Saint is depicted on the Great War Memorial?
Windows What is the name of the 'Beloved Physician'?
  Vicar of Bolney 1912~39 - What is happening in the middle picture?
  Gertrude Hodgson - How many swallows are there?
  Chancel Window - Which bird can you see?  What does it represent?
Miscellaneous Who is the Vicar of Bolney?
  What are the names of the two Churchwardens?
  What time does the service start on Sunday morning?
  How many hymns are there in the orange book?
  What version of the bible is in the church pews?
Tie Breakers! Where is Captain Austin Henry Huth buried?
  How old is the oldest bell in the tower?
  What is the largest candle called?
  Where would you find the Aumbry?


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