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Parish Giving Scheme





If you want to support Christ’s mission in our parish on a regular basis, the simplest and most efficient method is to join the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) at St. Mary Magdalene.

Why are we asking?

The Church of England offers a Christian presence in every community, seeking to be at the heart of all our cities, towns and villages, by serving communities, by sharing our faith and values, by worshipping together and by our wonderful buildings. This valuable contribution to the community has a cost, which is largely met by personal donations. For the Church to survive and grow, we rely on regular donations so that we can plan confidently for the future.

‘Money’ dominates too many agendas in our Church. We need to tackle this problem head-on, so that we can move forward with confidence. Successfully addressing the Church’s need to receive realistic, long term giving from committed Christians is a fundamental part of developing a thriving, outward looking church.

What’s the advantage?

Donations made through the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) use Direct Debit on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. These can also be given anonymously and the full donation, together with any associatedGift Aid is paid directly back to us.

This makes life easier for administration, improves cashflow and frees up our energies to focus on other important church priorities and not be so worried about money.

PGS also offers a solution to one of the greatest problems of local church income – ‘static giving' with an option for you to agree, in principle to increase your donation in line with inflation each year which over time will make a huge difference to our church finances - just tick the box when you complete the application form. Please be reassured that if your circumstances change, it is easy to decline the increase when the annual inflationary letter arrives in advance of any change.

To keep pace with inflation, how would 'Giving' needed to have changed over time?

Year 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2022 2023
Gift £40.00 £45.09 £52.51 £60.73 £67.84 £77.01 £84.79

Proportional Giving Worksheet

How to join the Scheme

To join or for more information

After joining the Scheme

Address and bank account changes can be made by contacting the admin team.

Telephone:0333  002  1260

Parish Reference Number :  100 610 153

Parish Giving Scheme, 76 Kingsholm Road, GLOUCESTER. GL1 3BD

Always quote our Parish Reference Number in any correspondence

For an informal discussion please talk to either Churchwarden.   Contact Us

Parish Giving Scheme Registered England No.8824540. Registered Charity No.1156606

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